About Us

We enhance family relationships and promote well-being through innovative outdoor products.

We have four brands that reflect our desire to provide consumers with relevant and innovative yard and outdoor products. We’re able to develop these products through an understanding of market trends and primary research.

Our goal is to be an innovative and trusted company providing outdoor/yard/garden products that encourage interactive activity.

Our values are at the core of everything we do and define our culture. They make KSH Brands a great place to work and enable us to deliver extraordinary products.

  • Commitment
  • Taking
  • Being Open,
    Honest and Ethical
  • Growth
  • Positivity
  • Seeing the
    Bigger Picture


Looking for fun outdoor activities that you can do together with others? We’ve got you covered.

Upper Bounce
Everything trampolines.
Everything safe.
Everything fun!
Protecting the art of gardening.
Touch the sky!
Put some kick in your trek!
Champ Celebrations
Party faves for your little Champ
Frost Rush
A winter wonderland of fun
KSH Brands’ Commitment
We take pride in our products and stand behind them.

Our sourcing and purchasing teams excel in bringing the quality products and parts that make up KSH Brands’ premium lines. We provide strong warranties to build consumer confidence and reassurance.

If there is any issue, we make it easy to get in touch with us. Our Customer Service associates are ready to assist with product and order questions. And more. Need a product assembled? We can help with that. Not sure which part or accessory to order for your trampoline? We’ll give you a hand there as well.

Retail Partners
We work proactively with our retailers.

We work closely with our online and brick-and-mortar partners to ensure discoverability on the platforms our consumers prefer in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, European Union, Mexico, India, and Australia.

Our Sales, Operations and Catalog teams work proactively with our retail partners on everythingfrom managing inventory and logistics to creating content and customized solutions.


We’re a growing company with an entrepreneurial mindset.

We create, sell and market a portfolio of products that encourage health, exercise and interactivity. At a time when technology tends to keep people isolated and/or indoors, we seek to strike a balance by leveraging innovation in the other direction. To that end, we provide children, teens and adults with safe, fun and innovative outdoor products that are best enjoyed in the company of others.

The opportunity at KSH is a confluence of making a difference and growing professionally. While our space focuses on the fast-paced world of ecommerce, we’re careful to maintain balance. We focus on our values of:

  • Commitment
  • Taking
  • Honest &
  • Growth
  • Positive
  • Bigger

The KSH Brands team is always on the move – bringing together individuals’ unique experiences, perspectives, curiosity and ingenuity to experiment with new platforms and explore new vistas.

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